Friday, February 21, 2014

Jennifer rolls with the flow

National Park
Jennifer M. Perry,  Artistic Spirit and Astral Traveler, joined us for 2 months.

Harmony Hill was her first farm.

A quick learner, a lover of animals and the outdoors she soon became a valued HelpXer and adopted family member.

She is relaxed, flexible, easygoing and happy.  

She over lapped with Ka Hei,  Rob, Chad and Oscar, getting on well with all.

We trusted her to care for the farm while we were away on two occasions.  She is a very creative cook who uses whatever is growing outside or in the fridge.  My two favorites were a wheat free chicken pot pie and celery soup.

Therese came over and taught her to shoot squirrels and it turns out she is dead eye shot, her first time shooting.
Shooting squirrls
Jennifer sensitive and intuitive.  One day on a walk she felt something looking at her.  We looked up and there was indeed a huge owl high in a tree looking down on us in broad day light.  I would not have spotted him hidden in the tree top.

While here she started exercising everyday loosing about 15 lbs and growing stronger.  She went to a cattle round up, bunco, and a party or two.  We wish her joy on her continued adventures and healthy living.

view from above

J cuddles Oreo who keeps her feet warm at night

icing a calf at a Branding

KFC hatches under Jennifer's watchful eye.  She carried him around in her shirt for several days
Top of the Hill with Ka Hai

Cabbie's Right Eye, Jennifer's left

Riding Cabarina
Her favorite rooster ate out of her hand

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ka Hei

Enjoying some of Ka Hei's fabulous Noodle Soup Hong Kong sytle
 Good times and good food with Ka Hei an environmental sciences student at UC Berkeley, from Hong Kong.  Ka Hei loved to cook and shared some of his grandmother's recipe as well as his own.

He was here with both Jennifer and Rob.  Rob was studying petroleum science and it was interesting to hear them discuss
fracking and extracting vs protecting the air earth.

He loved the animals and learned to milk a goat and groom a horse.

He brought his Ukelele and  patiently taught me the the rest of the song that Emma started teaching me.  He accompanied me to Aptos on his way back to school making the long ride much more enjoyable.  We hope to see him again.

Welcome to Harmony Hill meal roasted pork with root veggies and orange/beet salad

Top of the hill

One of many culinary creations

Mango Flower


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Rob with Jennifer, Kai Hei and Turkey
These pictures are misleading because Rob Rodriguez parked and covered his bike as soon as he arrived until he took off.

A gentleman from Louisiana on a cross country quest, Rob called and asked to stay a week as a HelpXer.

He had skills we could use, painting the bathroom and doing carpentry repair.  He made a mean guacamole using a bag of end of season Surprise avocados from the fruit stand.  Open to learning, lots of good positive energy, laughter and stories from the road.

I almost got him to stop calling me M'mam.

He enjoyed exploring Exeter,  hiking to the top of the hill with Kai Hei, Sunday Swap meet and Quaker meeting with Sal.

We wish him well on his travels and adventures.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dan & Emma

Dan and Emma were here for a little more than a week.  She is a student from China and he lives and studies in Oregon.  He drove 12 hours straight from outside Portland to Harmony Hill.  In a short time they did much valuable work harvest- ing goat food and organizing the firewood.  Each learned to milk a goat and groom a horse.  Since they had a car they could explore the area and National Parks.  Emma had a riding lesson at Sierra View before they drove back to resume school.  Emma had a beautiful singing voice and taught me the first verse of the haunting and lovely Chinese song "My Heart Represents the Moon."  (I am learning the rest of the song from Kai Hei our next visitor who arrived with a ukulele, the day after they left.)

Dan spoke some Chinese and had traveled there. We enjoyed learning more about the Chinese countryside and culture.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Spring Rolls with Thu

 What a great treat to have Thu come visit with Elisha and Enoch and all the fixings for a spring roll feast.  She taught me how to assemble and roll Viet Nam style spring rolls with rice noodles, chicken, shrimp, and greens.  She brought everything including her home made peanut sauce and a beautiful salad.  The trick is the way you soak the wrapper just enough to soften and put a small fold in the bottom before adding the fillings, folding in the sides before rolling.  We had as much fun assembling then as we did eating them.  Thank you Thu!

The Fixin's

Amazing lunch spring rolls salad home made peanut sauce

O Canadians

Cheese class
We were so happy that Kaylie and Dani stopped by Harmony Hill on their spontaneous Sister's roadtrip.  They arrived in time for a Thanksgiving  Feast and stayed 3 weeks, learning to milk goats and care for horses and chickens and also for Allen, during the week I was in Aptos.   Kaylie loved to cook and made brightly colored mostly Vegetarian food, healthy and delicious.  They worked hard on the wood pile and harvesting goat food among other projects to improve Harmony Hill.

They met lots of our friends and explored the Park and Exeter.  We enjoyed a banana pancake farewell breakfast as they headed north.  Kaylie is a plant biologist and she explored the new property in Aptos where they spent a couple of nights and she shared her observations and suggestions.   We were happy to learn they made it across the border and  back to Courtney BC for a white Christmas with their family.
Exeter Home Tour

On Morro Rock

orange tasting Lindcove

Turkey Loves Dani

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brief moment

Brilliant streaks of pink cloud spike the sky
as I amble down the hill with my three legged dog.

As we return, the pink now dulled, floats below folds of heavy greying clouds.
Venus radiates beneath a bright crescent moon.

We trek up the hill as Venus drops towards the horizon then shatters into splits of light.

Our two cats meet us at the end of the stone wall,
they turn and travel with us up home.